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Asda2 News and Events and Guides

Asda2 News, Guides, Servers, Builds

Asda2 is the forthcoming sequel to Asda Story from Maxon and GamesCampus due for release in the Summer of 2011. Sporting a fun art design and animation style, Asda 2 is a massive fantasy world to explore and level up. 

Asda 2 boasts deep skill customization, through their Sowel and Avatar systems, with over 8 classes to choose from, and the unique Soul Mate and Marriage system; a system that allows two partnered up players to level faster, gain powerful skills or items, and other in-game rewards.

Asda Story has evolved to bring us Asda 2. To clarify Asda2(Asda2 Gold) is not an update to the current Asda Story as some were expecting it to be but a totally new game. Asda Story will not be closed instead the 2 games will be running simultaneously. There will be no transfers to Asda 2, it will be a clean start for all players to begin on an even playing ground.

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