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Asda2 News and Events and Guides

asda2 news


Asda2 News, Guides, Servers, Builds

Asda2 is the forthcoming sequel to Asda Story from Maxon and GamesCampus due for release in the Summer of 2011. Sporting a fun art design and animation style, Asda 2 is a massive fantasy world to expl..


Welcome to the Asda 2 OBT

Some changes and adjustments have been made since the CBT. Along with some updated translations and bug fixes, heres some things you can enjoy!-The Level Cap is now level 50!-Conquest Land and Sunny C..


Asda 2 News - Open Beta Has Begun

Asda2 team, over at the official website, have unrolled the welcome mat for the games Open Beta, which started on Thursday. In celebration of the event, the team has posted a handy guide to Asda 2s OB..


Asda 2: Cute, Cute, oh and Hardcore 2

Asda2 Gold)is the autopilot function. I was taken aback by it at first but I now realize its a great little tool to stave off boredom. Who wants to simply navigate their character through a village th..


Asda 2: Cute, Cute, oh and Hardcore

Asda 2 is the next iteration of Asda Story, the highly successful MMO run in the US by the lovely people at GamesCampus. Last October they released chapter 3 for this game and back then Vincent conduc..



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