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WonderKing News and Events and Guides

WonderKing News


Wonderking Online Review - A step in the Right Direction 1

Wonderking Online is a 2D sidescroller MMORPG that finally reached Open Beta on January 7th 2010. Many users flooded the servers in anticipation of having a chance to play this game without the excess..


Wonderking Zed is improved

Wonderking players! Wonderking has been improved and merits are listed as follows:wonderking zed, 12 times the physical attacks on the defense of weapons


General forum tips for Wonderking

wonderking I see quite a few people posting well, but theres still more than Id like that dont seem to be getting the grasp of how a forum should be used. Id like to take just a second of your time to..


WonderKing Announces Its Christmas Event

WonderKing team has prepared many awesome events for everyone to enjoy during this festive holiday!1. Fight any monsters in the world of Esior until they drop the Red, Blue, and Green Santa Stockings!



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