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Warhammer Online: Underdog System Overview

The version 1.3.3 of Warhammer has introduced the "Underdog" system and this system is not to be a silver bullet for the Tier 4 campaign, rather it is the first of a number of changes we're looking to roll out over next few patches.

The "Underdog" system allows us to dynamically balance the difficulty of the campaign (and its associated objectives) based on the results of recent campaign pushes. Ultimately this will require realms with long campaign win streaks to be more coordinated and effective in order to keep pushing into their enemies city. The loosing realm (commonly referred to as the Underdog) will benefit from this in two ways; First they will have an easier time mounting a defense. Secondly, the underdog realm will have an increased chance to push the campaign back to their enemies city for a short period of time.
At release the underdog system will affect the following aspects of the campaign
Pairing Capture: Realms with long campaign win streaks will have a reduced window of opportunity to capture additional pairings and gain access to the city, and the underdog will have an increased window.
Zone Control: The percentage of zone control needed to capture a Tier 4 zone will increase requiring a higher percentage for Realms with long campaign win streaks, and a lower percentage for the underdog.
Zone Domination: Realms with long campaign loss streaks will have a reduced timer for dominating Battlefield Objectives and Keeps
A win streak will start as soon as one realm has captured a city twice in a single 24 hour period. Each successive win will make the next campaign push harder. Win streaks are reduced by one for each successful campaign push by an underdog realm or if 24 hours has passed since the last successful campaign win by the realm on the win streak. Below are two examples on how win streaks work(Warhammer Gold).

Example 1: Natural Decay
Destruction wins the campaign and reaches Altdorf 4 consecutive times over a period of 72 hours. At this point they are on a 4 point winning streak, increasing the difficulty of the campaign.

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