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Star Trek Online News and Events and Guides

Star Trek Online News


Design Star Trek Onlines Next Enterprise

Star Trek Online, they are the voyages of whatever you have cared to name your ship. Now though, CBS and Cryptics Star Trek Online are offering you the chance to design the next USS Enterprise and hav..


Server Merger Details

Star Trek Online players in a server. Either theres too many players competing for the same things, or its a ghost town with no teammates for difficult quests and no one in world chat towell, chat wit..


Siege Battle Tools

sto credits, during which the durability of the tower is 250,000, and defense rate is 0.Rapid shot, damage=target level * 10, attack rate is 1.5 seconds.sto credits.


STO:Tightening Your Wallet for STO

Want to train your character? How can you do without gold item? Boring of farming gold yourself ? Lets do it for you! Come to experience our service,pay less and get faster delivery,safer trading and..



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