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Scarlet Legacy News and Events and Guides

Scarlet Legacy News

Scarlet Legacy CBT Review

Scarlet Legacy for CBT. Their latest title is an attempt at bringing a visually stunning Eastern Style Martial-Arts MMO to the F2P market. The game offers stylish action-packed combat, quest based lev..


Scarlet Legacy Starts Closed Beta Test

Scarlet Legacy. Players who got beta key have early access to a massively dynamic fantasy world that takes players through a journey of thousands of quests to save Princess Scarlet.Scarlet Legacy Gold..


Scarlet Legacy's Closed Beta Will Commence

Scarlet Legacy and has announced that the closed beta test for the game will begin. The new screen shots show off the dungeons in the upcoming fantasy MMORPG which takes players through a vibrant and ..


Scarlet Legacy OBT Review

Scarlet Legacy forums and this review will be based on Scarlet Legacys Open Beta thus far. Scarlet Legacy is a new Taiwanese based martial arts mmo hosted by GamesCampus and so far its a pretty awesom..


Scarlet Legacy Unleashes the Cool Granny for Halloween

Scarlet Legacy can go trick or treating with Cool Granny who is passing out treats to everyone! Cool Grannies have the best treats, and this year Granny is giving out a variety of collectable candy in..


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