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Rift News and Events and Guides

Rift News


Trion Worlds Unveils Rift's Plane of Earth

Rifts second closed beta event to kick off, Trion Worlds is busy preparing for the beta client. But thanks to the development team, they still managed to squeeze out some time to update the latest rif..


Three New Souls Revealed for Rift: Planes of Telara

Rift: Planes of Telara. The new Souls: Stormcaller, Justicar and Warlord each come from different backgrounds and will offer players a variety of playstyles to choose from. New pages detailing each So..


Rift: The Telara Saga Continues with Fall of the Dragon Cults

Rift lies directly in its players. One of the premier communities in Rift is a gaming family on the Faeblight shard known as Gaiscioch. This long running multi-game guild has been at the forefront of ..


Rift Producer Explains Upcoming Balance Changes

Rifts Soul system, the balance part can tend to be a little trickier than most. With the upcoming 1.1 patch, several Souls will be getting some balance work and as you might expect, the forums are abl..


RIFT: Good for the Soul Part 1

RIFT has been on the market for almost six months now. Its been an incredible half year for the MMO and its developers Trion Worlds, catapulting them and their game from obscurity into an overnight su..



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