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Pandora Saga News and Events and Guides

Pandora Saga News


Pandora Saga: New World Server Added

Pandora Saga Online. To celebrate the launch of Barbatos, the team has a slew of events including a double XP weekend, a protect the GM event and some beginner level hide and seek events.


ATLUS Online Launched a New World - Barbatos for Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga. In honor of the momentous occasion, a steady flow of new events, quests, and items will offer current players hours of entertainment, while at the same time offering those taking a break..


Pandora Saga Closed Beta Begins–Registration Now Open

Pandora Saga Closed Beta, allowing fans to sign up for the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG slated to release in early 2011. Pandora Saga boasts battles of breathtaking scopeup to 600 players may simultan..


Pandora Saga Item Giveaway

Pandora Saga. We have 250 keys available, which can be obtained via our Pandora Saga key giveaway page.Short Sword +5 A weapon used by warriors-in-training. Club +5 A blunt wooden weapon. Knife +5 ..


Pandora Saga - Rise as a Nation Part 1

Pandora Saga . He was beloved for his infinite kindness and presided over a long age of peace and harmony. One fateful night, peace was shattered as the night sky was lit ablaze with large balls of fi..



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