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Global Agenda News and Events and Guides

Global Agenda News


Beta Look: Global Agenda

Global Agenda has just lifted the NDA, which means that I can freely talk about Global Agenda, what I saw, and what I think it will be in the near future. Take this as a first look of the game though,..


Global Agenda: An MMO Shooter Part 1

Global Agenda is a buy to play MMOTPS (massively multiplayer online third person shooter) by Hi-Rez studios. Players have the choice between PvP with various modes or PvE that is either instanced or o..


Global Agenda Launch Details

Global Agenda has made an official announcement about their launch. The world wide release and all players will be able to enjoy the Global Agenda: Conquest features free. At that point, you must pay ..


Global Agenda - Now Subscription Free

Global Agenda is now subscription free. Players who purchased of Global Agenda can enjoy the games full current content, including all current Player-vs-Player combat, Player-vs-Environment solo and c..


Global Agenda Introduces Free To Play Options

Global Agenda: Free Agent, the latest update to the Shooter MMO, will enable free-to-play access to all of the games current playable content and levels with no purchase required.The version 1.4 Free ..



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