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Gates of Andaron News and Events and Guides

Gates of Andaron News


Gates of Andaron Game Faster Guide

Gates of Andaron Gold is needed for your character if you have free time.Theyd mentioned this canceled game, along with a slew of others, at last years dice summit, but without any other information b..


The Mounts Tips in Gates of Andaron

Gates of Andaron Gold) shop with moonstones. To get moonstones you have to top them up on the website under account. Afterwards, click on the button shop in the game, select a horse and click on buy.G..


Gates of Andaron Features Information

Gates of Andaron features information that I will introduce to you, and hope you like it, there follows will tell you detail information:1. Real-time Strategic Command System: For fast-paced combat si..


Gates of Andaron Officially Launched: Anothter Clone or A New Start?

Gates of Andaron Gold and Derion. Those who were once allies are now hostile enemies. While the origin of the conflict has been lost over time, both kingdoms have created their own versions of the sto..



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