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Forsaken World News and Events and Guides

Forsaken World News


Forsaken World Unveils Pet System

Forsaken Worlds pet system(3 days after the games OBT launch). The pets in Forsaken World are classified into two types, i.e. mounts and fighting pets, both of which play an important role in players ..


Forsaken World Gaze of Lorax Goes Live Thursday!

Forsaken World s first major content expansion on Thursday the 26th. The Gaze of Larex content update will including a new dungeon, PvP arenas, the advanced Nightmare Carnival, the marriage system, a ..


Forsaken World announces the Edward Class

Forsaken World rejoice! Perfect World Entertainment has hear your clamor for new classes, and even though the game is less than a month old, today they revealed the first class they are adding to the ..


Forsaken World News - Chains of Kluer Announced

Forsaken World has announced their latest content update, entitled Chains of Kluer as they reveal the updates teaser site. The update includes a new dungeon, in which characters of 70 levels can fight..


Forsaken World Announces Chains of Kluer Content Update

Forsaken World. Once a celebrated hero of Eyrda, Kluer now resides beneath Freedom Harbor as a long forgotten prisoner. A spell that wiped Kluers memory and stole his humanity, now leaves him as a min..



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