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Fiesta Online News and Events and Guides

fiesta news


Fiesta Online Weapons Guide

fiesta gold . While it is possible to not use any weapons and still do damage , the benefits come from actually equipping a weapon. Weapons are upgradable from 0-9 currently and have a unique glowing ..


Fiesta 1-40 grade small experience

fiesta gold, so these levels are a hard chop up, but the task can grab the best pre-King King of the task through the upgrade, it is also very FastAfter 17 to Eidelin the city, and continue to go ther..


Opinion on Fiesta Online Archer Poisons

fiesta gold Online Archer Poison , whats the helpful side and useless side of it ? Read the following information :2) Great in boss battles. 3) Clerics have to stop running to cure . 4) Great for inst..



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