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Dofus News


DOFUS 2.0 has Arrived with New Video

Dofus 2.0 has been launched today. Besides new videos and screenshots, Dofus also opened a new server Zatoshwan for the occasion. Players can rediscover the World of Twelve and create a brand new char..


Dofus: new records and new server

DOFUS, has set two new records as of Sunday 8 March: 700,000 players connected over the day and 175,000 connected simultaneously at 6pm. The company has also recently opened a new server to reduce wai..


Dofus Game News

Dofus is a game thats been around for a while now, first in its 1.0 form, and now as Dofus 2.0. Its a tactics-based game (many players have pointed out that it has a Final Fantasy feel about it), and ..


Dofus to release this December

Dofus 2 is scheduled to go live on December 2nd 2009!DOFUS Kamasis available in 7 languages and is one of the top 5 online games in the world. The code of DOFUS has been completely rewritten in Action..



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