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Divine Souls News and Events and Guides

Divine Souls News


Divine Souls – Just A Closed Beta Review

Divine Souls. It is a not-so-corky steampunk world where everything revolves around the Divine Matter. It is a substance discovered by Dr. Charles Burke that was supposed to make interstellar travel m..


New Priest Class Now Available in Divine Souls

Divine Souls. A dashing and debonair man of mystery with a sharp wit, the priest adds new depth to the games character cast and PvP metagame, with curative abilities to aid and replenish allies in bat..


Divine Souls Hands-On

Divine Souls. Divine Souls hails from the land of Korea, where the massively-multiplayer market is extremely competitive, and Divine Souls brings something quite new to the MMO realm: action.Divine So..


Divine Souls: Kick Ass Priests Unite Part 1

Divine Souls is Outsparks 3D Action MMO. The game is set in a world where Divine Matter was discovered and used to help humanity surpassed their limitations. However, with great power comes great resp..



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