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For anyone who played APB

If you want to participate in the beta, all you have to do is send in your email address, cross your fingers, and wait until the first week of February (i.e. a couple weeks before the beta actually starts) to find out if you’ve made the cut. You can find all of the nitty gritty details about it at Gamersfirst’s blog.

For anyone who played APB, you should know that while you’ll be able to reclaim your character (and most of your gear, customizations, etc.) in Reloaded, you will not be able to carry over all of your character progression data. There will be “some,” but no details have been revealed about what that actually means. The closed beta will also require users to play with a fresh character that will be dumped once the beta ends.

Gamersfirst bought the rights to APB for $2.4 million back in November after the closure of its previous developer Realtime Worlds. By making the game free-to-play, Reloaded hopes to avoid making the same mistakes that were made the first time around. I think the devs should take Chris Rock’s (apb gold)advice and make people pay $5,000 per bullet. But then again, I’m a big fan of great ideas that will never happen.

Anyone signed up for the APB: Reloaded beta yet?

Should the need arise, feel free to E-Mail me your tips, suggestions, and/or personal philosophies, or follow me on Twitter.


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