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Allods Online News and Events and Guides

Allods Online News


Allods Out Of Beta & COMPLETELY Free To Play!

Allods Online will be leaving Open Beta with their next patch! Allods Patch 2.0 will usher in the Official Live Release and a whole new era of Astral exploration. To gear up for the official release, ..


Allods Online Unveiled Astral Space

Allods Online is the upcoming free-to-play AAA MMORPG developed by Nival Online, the makers of Heroes of MightMagic V, and published by Gala Networks Europe on the gPotato.eu Portal. The gPotato Team ..


Allods Introduces Rise of the Gods Update

Allods Online, Patch 2.0.04: Rise of the Gods, is now live! Allods is already one of the most comprehensive and diverse MMORPGs on the market, including a vast and gorgeously realized world, 6 races, ..


Allods Online Reveals Details of Undaunted Update

Allods Online have been revealed, and the undaunted warriors of Sarnaut must prepare to face the greatest challenges they have ever seen. Set for release in both North America and Europe on October 11..



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