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Aika Online News and Events and Guides

Aika Online News


Aika Online Review: Gun-Kata Women? I'm In! 2

Aika Online definitely deserved being Korea Game Awards 2009s game of the show. You see, these are the type of games that prevent me from commiting myself to playing various PAY TO PLAY games. Its fre..


Guide about Cleric PvP in Aika

aika gold.aika gold We want to be mainly focused on healing or debuffing but it would be a good idea to be able to assist with a bit of burst at time as well HT seems to be quite useful in choke point..


AIKA: Latest Mount System Preview

- Attributes enhanced on special mounts (enhance more attributes than regular mounts)- Enhance mounts with special equipment- Equip equipment (three pieces at most) on mounts to enhance their abilitie..


Aika Online Review: Gun-Kata Women? I'm In! 1

Aika Online is an action-packed MMORPG famous for its nonstop PVP experience. The game has been blessed with enthusiastic reviews, all praising its supposed quality of gameplay. After seeing tons of a..



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