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faxiononline news


Faxion Online Update Adds New Wings and Combat Changes

Faxion Onlines 1.58 update has brought new changes to the games content system and added two new sets of wings for players to earn: black Fallen Angel Wings and white Demon Wings.


Faxion Online developer suffers layoffs

Faxion Online, has suffered cutbacks to its development and support staff, continuing a current trend of publisher UTV Ignition in its cutbacks in internal development.Faxion Online Gold)will continue..


New MMORPG Faxion Online to Pit Heaven Against Hell

Faxion Online. The upcoming MMORPG will allow players to become part of the epic struggle between good and evil and will feature a persistent world complete with a robust PvP system and territory cont..


Former Faxion Online Dev Start-Up Benefits From Android Developer Fund

Faxion Online team, which saw significant layoffs in July.Faxion Online Gold).


Faxion Team Unearths Significant Artifact

Faxion has announced the recent find of a greatly significant artifact. At a remote dig site (located two floors above the basement of the companys Austin studio) two tablets were discovered, dating b..



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